VDB Estates is the premier resource for Northwest luxury real estate, representing elite properties and communities. VDB Estates sets the standard for service and sales in multi-million dollar estates. If you’re interested in buying or selling a waterfront property, vacation home, luxury retreat or mountainside estate contact us.


在过去28年里,马克·冯德堡已经把他西部地区第一经纪人的名誉,深深地刻在科威国际贝恩房地产公司的排名榜上。 他在整个充满竞争性的西北地区豪华房地产市场中,也是数一数二的顶级经纪人。 马克的公司-冯德堡房地产美元豪宅设定了销售服务的标准。 无论您准备购买或出售市中心顶层公寓、马克·冯德堡肯定是您西北房地产经纪人的最佳选择


VDB Urban Living specializes in marketing and selling luxury urban homes in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle’s urban cores. Representing sellers, buyers, and investors worldwide, we collaborate with clients and brokers alike to bring your urban home to the forefront of the market.


A luxury of living in the Pacific Northwest is access our waterways, lakes, and embracing the incredible scenery we are fortunate to call our home. VDB Waterfront offers a large and diverse selection of Lake and Puget Sound waterfront real estate properties throughout the region; find luxury homes located on the Puget Sound and Lakefront Estates in Seattle and the Greater Eastside.

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